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2022 Sale Listing
Listed below is information and picture for our 2022 Sale sheep. Cut out pictures taken mid-December. Updated pictures taken early February. Let us know which ones you are interested in and we can provide updated pictures, prices, and pickup or delivery options.
UPDATED April 2022 - We are thankful to have sold 14 High Quality breeding sheep to 12 different customers in 7 states.

QMF 846'21-QR
KEEPER - This ewe is ultra attractive and very pretty in her design. Really straight legged and good footed. She goes back to one Ethan's favorite show ewes, "April" - LA 768.

Sire: "Buckeye" PKF 2018
Dam: QMF 671
Born: 9/1/21, Qd, QR

QMF 848'21-QR
KEEPER - This lamb super is super complete. She's square made and 3 dimensional. Double shot of "Heritage" here as both sire and dam are by "Heritage". A ewe lamb we intend to keep for our breeding program.

Sire: "Ramped Up" QMF 812
Dam: QMF 742
Born: 9/4/21,Tw, QR

QMF 849'21-RR
SOLD --> OH (Pink Ribbon Dorsets). Super long ewe lamb that is going to keep growing and make an elite fall ewe lamb and also massive yearling ewe. Her mother is LA 114 who was one of Lauden's top fall ewes they sold at OH the year of their dispersal. Combining her mother's size with "Ramped Up" and his extra extension gives this ewe lamb a great trajectory. This one will likely go to OH Dorset Sale.

Sire: "Ramped Up" QMF 812
Dam: LA 114
Born: 9/4/20, S, RR

QMF 852'21-RR and QMF 853'21-RR . . . twin sisters
SOLD --> IL (Taylor Dietz) and SOLD --> IL (Cordray family). These two lambs are built very athlethic. The have great muscle shape and wedge from the front to back with massive hips. "Heritage" puts a great stamp on his lambs, these you can have fun and success showing them fitted or slicked.

Sire: "Heritage" LA 98
Dam: QMF 685
Born: 9/5/20, Tw, RR

QMF 855'21-RR
SOLD --> OH (Sean Beskid) "Heritage" on our favorite "Morals" daughter (her mother is twin to "Priority"). We cutout the lambs and pictured in mid-December while the weather was nicer, but this meant the lambs had never been haltered of touched, so not all enjoyed the picture session. This ewe lamb is really surging to the top of the pen with the size and length from "Morals" and the completeness and balance from "Heritage".
Sire: "Heritage" LA 98
Dam: QMF 765
Born: 9/15/21, S, RR

QMF 856'21-RR
KEEPER - October born single ewe lamb. Out of "Heritage's" twin sister. LA 106 had one of our top fall ewe lambs last year that we sold at OH. This one is packed with genetics and potential. She is straight topped, well balanced, stands on stout bone with a feminine front one third. Based on this one's genetic package, we are retaining her for our breeding program.

Sire: "Buckeye" PKF 2018
Dam: LA 106 (twin sister to "Heritage")
Born: 10/5/20, S, RR

QMF 858'21-RR and QMF 859'21-RR . . . twin ewe lambs
858 is SOLD --> IL (Cordray family) and 859 is SOLD --> IN (Mann family) A little extra shot of extension in QMF 858 and a little more volume in QMF 859. They trace back through our best ewes on the farm the last 10 years. These are going to be fun to watch grow out and catch the earlier lambs.

Sire: "Buckeye" PKF 2018
Dam: QMF 796
Born: 10/5/21, Tw, RR

QMF 861'21-QR
SOLD --> TN (Barnette) Another lamb who was a bit camera shy. She's the youngest of the group but built right and has the flexibility to go fitted or slick sheared. Bayla Crouch purchased a lamb by QMF 795 and had great success with her lamb in 2020 both fitted and then slicked at NAILE.

Sire: "Buckeye" PKF 2018
Dam: QMF 795
Born: 10/21/21, S, QR

=============================== QMF fall ram lambs

QMF 844'21-RR
KEEPER. This guy's dam never misses!! Period. Her last two year's fall ewe lambs have been stellar and she is the dam of QMF 787 "Dreamliner" who was Champion Ewe at Indiana Youth Expo. This guy is really straight legged, with excellent knees and pasterns. He is jacked up for a ram lamb, with good rib shape and a big hip.
Sire: "Heritage" LA 98
Dam: QMF 610 ("Memory Maker" x RF 5202)
Born: 9/2/20, Tw, RR

QMF 850'21-QR
SOLD --> MO (Purina Research farm). He's cut pretty closely from the same mold as "Ramped Up". We really like how he runs uphill, stands on good bone with fuzz, and it ultra neat upfront and wedges back to a big hip. His dam goes back to "Shock Top" won was Champion Ram at 2015 OH Dorset Sale and this gives him even more pretty and bone.
Sire: "Ramped Up" QMF 812
Dam: QMF 783
Born: 9/5/21, QR

QMF 851'21-RR
SOLD --> IL (Taylor Dietz - QMF retained some breeding rights) This ram has everything you need for the job and it neatly organized, just like a good toolbox. He's big footed, big boned, wide based. He's long and wide down his top with a great neck and shoulder junction. And he's flat hipped and good tailsetted. Likely the ram we will enter for OH Dorset sale based on his growth and maturity to date. His mother was a top Stunkel ewe we bought and Ethan showed with tremendous success.
Sire: "Ramped Up" QMF 812
Dam: Stunkel 3073
Born: 9/5/21, S, RR

QMF 854'21-RR
SOLD --> IL (Dennis Loenser) . Really wide based, big topped, square hipped ram. "Heritage" on "Memory Maker" ewes have always knicked well. This guy keeps going and growing. He has excellent breed type and if you need to fix feet, legs, structure or hips . . . he should bring the punch to get the job done.
Sire: "Heritage" LA 98
Dam: QMF 718
Born: 9/5/21, S, RR

QMF 860'21-RR
SOLD --> VA (Wilfong Dorsets) Another "Heritage" ram lamb out of QMF 647 - who was the dam of our 2021 'Pick of the Pen' ewe lamb sold to Taylor Dietz. QMF 647 dam was Chamption Ewe at IL State Fair in 2015. This ram has some extra length in his hip and stands on super set of feet and legs. He's an exciting October ram lamb with a lot of upside.
Sire: "Heritage" LA 98
Dam: QMF 647
Born: 10/6/21, S, RR

QMF Yearling Ewes

We have coming Yearling Ewes also for sale off the farm and/or OH and IL Sales

- QMF 836 is "Buckeye" x QMF 734 born 1/17/2021 . . . super long and big volumed - SOLD --> MD (Stunkel)
- QMF 837 is "Heritage" x Sunny Valley Farm 0502 born 1/17/2021 . . . really attractive and extended upfront - SOLD --> IL (Youngberg)
- QMF 840 is "Heritage" x Valley View 0265 born 2/1/2021 . . . raised a bottle lamb, this ewe is zooming towards being a big framed yearling ewe - - KEEPER
We have these and several other options and ewes to pick from in our Yearling Ewe pen.